We are professional home builders and we are at the cutting edge of today's popular design trends; our years of experience and architectural designs will guarantee a seamless process.

When designing your home, we take every detail and option into consideration. From the orientation of your new home on the lot to human healthy building materials - we think of everything.

We are Atlanta's luxury home builders so let's get started - we make the process simple - from design to completion we are handling every detail, every step of the way. Are you ready?

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We have only the most professional designers and build teams who are the very best at what they do, and they want to deliver a great product to you.

We are committed to our craft - proud of our skill and ability to deliver a professional, quality home every time. From transitions to high quality materials and finishes we think of every detail. Not only is the project seamless, we also like to make it simple.

Whether you are looking for a home architectural design or a complete build, we are here to make your life more enjoyable.

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Have you ever leafed through a home design magazine or browsed countless inspiration photos and wondered how you could create your ideal home?

We are here to help you do just that with our custom home designs that are essential for ergonomic spaces. From the exterior structures to the interior finishes, we are there every step of the way.
Whether you are defining your style or are ready for a fresh new look, a custom home can transform your every day routine.

So just browse our portfolio for inspiration, read our reviews and remember; we are the home design and build specialists.

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Are you ready?

It’s time for a luxurious home…

We have only the most skilled tradesmen and designers. We specialize in luxury homes -from the planning to construction we are there every step of the way. We offer architectural design and interior design so if you are looking for a comprehensive, custom home design + build firm in Atlanta then let’s do it – we make the process simple.

Recent Projects

Remodeling Experts

Starting a home remodeling project? Whether you are a homeowner working on a master bath, kitchen or basement project we have the most skilled tradesmen to bring your dream room to life. Your custom home should reflect your personal style, from steam showers to exquisite kitchens we have done every type of installation.

Home Design

Our design service is comprehensive: from material selection to elevations to 3D renderings for visualization. These include layout and color representation of the materials before they are installed in your home. When the design process is done you will have a ready to install packet including renderings, floor plans, elevations and material specs.

Dust Defense System

Want to remodel safely? Protect yourself.... From Covid-19 isolation to contaminants like dust, mildew, mold, silica sands and more coming out of your renovation demolition - your family needs protection.

Whether it's a master bathroom remodel or a kitchen, we use the Dust Defense Isolation system for all bath remodels that we do. It gives the homeowner a 360 degree of protection for their home and family and it gives the contractor direct access from the entrance to the project room.

Remodeling is a very dusty process. You will be happy not to have dust in your sheets and dishes weeks after you are enjoying your newly remodeled home. A safe, dust-free remodel - it's kind of a big deal.

Material Selection

We offer material selection, whether you are hiring a general contractor or a bathroom contractor your materials need to selected thoughtfully. We can help you select your flooring, plumbing fixtures, sink fixture, vanity, countertop, tub and even grab bars - even if you don't need installation on these products. Whether you are just doing your shower, tub or kitchen and bath remodeling, we can help you select all of your fixtures.

When remodeling your home or just your shower it's important to choose finishes that will last. If you are changing out your tub, make sure that the floor can support the new tub.

Your remodel deserves a solid plan so we can work with your contractor with a design only package. However we recommend that you do work with a professional remodeler as some of the fixtures require a more difficult installation than kitchen fixtures.


We do what we love and we love what we do. 

Let's take a moment...

To think about dust. 

When working on a remodel, one of the most important elements is protection from the harmful contaminants and debris such as Covid-19, asbestos, lead-based paint, mildew, mold or other hazards coming out of the project room. Sealing off the entire room from the rest of the home will prevent these dangers as well as general dust from being distributed all over your house by the HVAC system.

We take the utmost caution and preparation to protect your family and your home which is why we use the Dust Defense Containment System, giving your home 360 degrees of protection and completely sealing off the project bathroom from the rest of the home. From initial setup to completion your home and your family is protected.

Even if you are doing something as simple as a bathtub replacement or if you are hiring a remodeling company – even if they are an experienced home remodeler, make sure you think about a containment system! Runners and plastic sheeting aren’t enough.

Material Selection

3D Renderings

Dust Defense Containment System

Bathroom Remodeling Service

Design + Build

Design Only

Ready to get started?

A Little About Our Process



Let’s get started! First we will look at floor plan changes or structural changes. 


Material Selection

We will go shopping with you or bring you samples, whichever works best for your schedule. 


3D Renderings

Visualize your bathroom, with your new materials in computer generated, photo-like images. 


Elevations and final documents

Are you excited yet? You’ve approved all of the materials and renderings and now it’s time to create the final elevations and specs for the install! We’ve had fun so far but now it’s time for your new home to materialize.

Get ready to take before pics!

Construction Phase

The design phase has been completed and all your materials have arrived and been inspected at our warehouse. Now we are ready to begin with the construction phase! We use the Dust Defense System for your bath from day one until the last to keep your home safe and clean. 

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